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Is your child switched on to books?

It seems as if children are permanently attached to their smartphones, computers or games consoles these days. When is there ever enough time to just sit with a book and read for pure pleasure?

Interestingly enough, reading is trendy again! According to the National Literacy Trust, more children than ever are choosing to read in their spare time. And more often.

In fact, half of the children surveyed said they enjoyed reading! That said, almost 25% thought reading wasn’t ‘cool.’ Plus, it seems that there is still a gender imbalance between girls and boys: more girls than boys read for pleasure.

More worryingly, though, is that half of the children said they preferred watching telly to reading – with almost a quarter stressing that their parents didn’t care whether they read books or not.

While it’s fab to hear that books are attracting children in this digital age, there’s no doubt that more needs to be done to switch children’s attention back to books.

Here are our top reading tips:

1. Set aside some ‘family’ reading time where all electronic gadgets are banned for half an hour. Unless, of course, you’re using an e-reader. 😉

2. Do you know what’s caught other children’s imaginations? Check out some of the hottest titles in this article.

3. Match reading titles to your interests. If your son likes the idea of going on exciting adventures, being a spy or doing daredevil stunts, here are some book titles to make any reluctant reader happy. Better still, you can download an extract or three!

Need help?

Of course, if your son or daughter is struggling with their reading – from comprehension skills for entrance exams, to analysing language from a GCSE set text – we have just the right private tutor to help.

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