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Endings and new beginnings…

This time of year is always a poignant one for students, parents and tutors alike. As GCSE and A Level students complete their final exams and party at the prom, it’s time to close a chapter.

Do you know, some of our tutors have taught their tutees through primary school to their GCSEs? So it can feel quite a wrench when those fledgelings finally flee the nest to explore pastures new.

An end of an era for sure. But definitely the start of a new dawn of adventures. Of course, many of our students continue into further education to study A levels, or pursue a college diploma.

In fact, after saying our goodbyes, we often hear again from previous students who want extra tuition to support them through the next stage of their education.

Here’s just a sample of what our 1-2-1 Home Tutors are asked to help with:

  • GCSE and A level prep
  • University admissions
  • Thesis or dissertation writing
  • Aptitude tests
  • Language learning for travel and business

Students can sometimes fear change. Embarking on a new flightpath can be fraught with uncertainty. So we are always chuffed to bits when students come back to us for that little extra support – a final boost of confidence perhaps – before they take off.

Do you need support before starting a new course? Want to prepare yourself for the next stage of your education? With a trustworthy team of private tutors from Manchester to Stockport, Wilmslow to Cheshire, there’s someone to help you find your feet.  Just get in touch!


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