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Need-to-know changes in 2016 SATS tests

Is your child sitting a SATs exam in year 6? You NEED to know that it’s all change for 2016! The key focus for the exams is English, plus Maths. Here’s all the key info:

Reading exam:

  • One hour long
  • Paper includes reading of the three texts
  • Expect a variety of questions from labelling to trickier open-ended analysis

Grammar/Punctuation test:

  • 45 min test: some multi-choice, others short answers
  • Some questions are: identification types i.e. identify adjectives, determiners, the past progressive, adverbs etc
  • Other questions ask students to construct, correct, complete or rewrite a sentence

Spelling paper:

  • A 15 minute aural test where children listen to a sentence and have to write the 20 specified words into correlating sentences


  • Three papers: paper 1 Arithmetic (30 mins). Paper 2 and 3 Reasoning (40 mins each)
  • Paper 1: children answer a host of questions showing their calculations. Expect addition, subtraction, decimals, fractions, percentages, long multiplication/division
  • Reasoning papers cover a host of skills from data and probability to shapes and equivalents

You can see test samples here.

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