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Is Your Child Cut Out for Grammar School?

The summer term is a busy time of year across Manchester and Cheshire as local grammar schools host open evenings for 2017 entry.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for parents and children to have a ‘taster’ of local Trafford schools such as Altrincham Grammar, Sale, Urmston and Stretford…

During opening evenings, you can chat to teachers and current pupils, as well as wander round to get a ‘feel’ for the school to see whether your child will feel right at home there.

Grammar schools tend to be smaller with more of a tighter community atmosphere than larger comprehensives. Plus grammar schools have a high work ethos, matched by enthusiasm for extra curricular sports and activities. Would your child enjoy that kind of challenge?

How to gain grammar school entry

Of course, gaining entry into a first choice school in Manchester or Cheshire is a worry for parents every year. Without doubt, the first hurdle is the entrance exam. Since many are in September 2016, parents often feel anxious now about competition for places next year.

The good news is you can plan ahead. Since Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning – and occasionally English – are tested, there is still time to help your child prepare for what lies ahead.

It’s not always about pure intellect; passing these exams within a tight timeframe means your child needs both confidence and technique. That’s why a skilled 11+ or entrance exam tutor really does make the world of difference.

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