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Need last minute revision techniques that work?

May is officially the start of exam season! It’s also the time when panic can seriously set in if you haven’t got into the habit of regular revision yet.

Rather than freak out, here’s how to get organised … fast!

1. Spread revision topics out over several days, rather than revise one subject intensively. This will give your brain the space it needs to absorb facts!

2. Get testing! Test yourself with practice papers, then test your knowledge on a mate.

3. Turn off the music. Studies have concluded that listening to music while revising stops your brain from recalling information as fast. Gives you something to look forward to after revising…

4. Mind map, don’t highlight.. Interestingly, research has shown that highlighting text doesn’t work unless you connect ideas together. Mastering mind mapping instead will help you remember more in a short space of time. Simples…

5. Step away from your smartphone. The biggest distraction known to man and student? The humble smartphone. It’s all too easy to get Snap chatting, or Face booking without realising it.

In fact, the temptation to take a sneaky peek at your texts or Facebook timeline is a real problem, researchers say. If revising, then, be brave: switch it off!

Last minute tuition support

With exams on over the next six weeks, it can make a huge difference to draft in some professional last-minute help.

With GCSE and A Level tutors at the ready across Manchester and Cheshire, call 1-2-1 Home Tutors to help you make the grade!

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