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How important is self confidence?

How confident is your child? Research just published shows that girls’ confidence deteriorates as they progress through their teens. Worrying, isn’t it?

Adolescence is an inevitable battle as it is. With the onset of puberty, a host of physical, emotional and social changes hugely impact on teenagers. Add the pressures of achieving at school to the mix, and self-esteem can plummet.

Here at 1-21 Home Tutors in Cheshire’s heartland, just south of Manchester, our tutors find both teenage boys and girls suffer from low confidence. While body confidence and identity are undoubtedly key issues at this age, academic self-doubt is an undeniable hurdle.

Low self-esteem can affect academic – and indeed life – success. So what can you do to protect your child?

Learn to be confident

Here are some helpful suggestions to help your child gain more confidence:

  1. Say I can! Self-doubt nags away at us, saying ‘you can’t do that.’ Instead, train your inner voice to say ‘I can.’ Remember how amazingly talented you are at different things.
  2. Failure is a life lesson. Nobody is perfect. Low marks in a test happens to us all. Nobody is perfect. (repeated to remind you that we’re all on a learning curve!)
  3. Try try try If you struggle with a subject, don’t accept that you are naturally bad at it. Don’t give in to negative thinking like this. Instead draw up a mind-map by breaking that subject down into topics you understand, and topics you don’t. This will help you see that you’re not bad at everything. And help you identify those areas to work on.

Regular tuition with feel-good factor

If your child is struggling with a subject such as Maths, Science, English or a Modern Foreign Language, private tuition with an expert will help them overcome all those worries and fears in no time.

A great way, too, to help your child feel good about themselves! Why not call our head office in Wilmslow for an initial chat?

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