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Struggling with SATs exam results?

With just 53% of children meeting the ‘expected’ standard in reading, writing and maths, almost half of primary children underachieved under the new SATs exams. How did your child do?

Former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan stressed parents and teachers shouldn’t compare these results with previous ones since the threshold was raised – meaning it was harder this year to achieve higher marks.

While the government works on its remit to drive up standards by introducing ‘rigour’ into the curriculum, it’s important not to forget that our children really struggle when they ‘fail’ exams.

After giving their all, receiving news that they’ve not measured up compared to everyone else can be devastating. Our advice, here at 1-2-1 Home Tutors, is not to lose heart. Instead…

Celebrate achievement however small

At the end of primary school education – whatever your child’s results – let’s celebrate their fantastic successes:

  • Scoring a goal for the school team
  • Helping a friend in need out
  • Overcoming nerves to take part in a school play
  • Putting your hand up in class when you were too shy before
  • Improving in any subject
  • Moving up a table

Remember that SATs results reflect just one week of exams – not years of learning. Instead, focus on how far you’ve come, and what a wonderful person you are too.

Take positive action

Of course, unexpectedly lower marks might flag up a learning weakness in your child. Leaving it until the September term will only let problems fester. And with a new curriculum to grapple with, there will be little time to go over the basics again. Instead:

  • Spend time over the hols breaking down specific problem areas into chunks, then tackle each in turn
  • Consider summer tuition with a local tutor to turn things round in time for the start of term

We’ve a bunch of super tutors across Manchester and Cheshire who can help your child during the summer holidays to get them back on track. Get in touch!

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