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The Big Benefits to Summer Learning

With some schools in Manchester and Cheshire already breaking up for the summer, that means many children have almost two months off. And even if your child has a 6 week break, it’s still a LONG time without any learning whatsoever.

Did you know that American studies have concluded that ‘brain drain’ is real? Children experience learning loss when they have an extended summer break, and then take up to a month or more to re-focus on school again in the autumn.

Just as important as keeping the body active, kids’ brains need to be stimulated too. Tempting as it might be to do zilch over the summer hols, children massively benefit from some regular brain gym.

And if your child is facing GCSE or A level re-sits, embarking on year 7, 10 or 12 – or is in year 5 and sitting a grammar school entry exam soon – July and August are opportune months to maintain their thinking skills.

How to keep your child’s brain ticking over

1. Read read read

If your child won’t read a paperback, get them listening to audio books in the car or plane. It’ll stimulate both their language knowledge and imagination.

2. Step back in time

Get them hooked on history to inspire curiosity and provoke thinking. Luckily, the Manchester area is spoilt for choice with museums. Ideal for discovery days out. Here are just a few!

3. Be part of the digital revolution

Keep your child’s writing skills updated. Because it’s so easy to set up a blog nowadays, why not encourage your child to write a blog?

With a real audience, they can update it with days out, articles about interests, reviews of films/games – even a travelogue of the family summer holiday complete with uploaded pics.

4. Learn in half the time with private tuition

For subject specific learning, why not hire a tutor over the summer? It’s a great way to not only address any weaknesses and problems left festering at the end of term, but is a great opportunity to truly leap ahead.

Call our 1-2-1 Home Tutors dream team when you need any help with your child’s studying. From Maths, English and 11 Plus, to language learning and science subject support.

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