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Is your child falling through the SEN gap?

As a popular tuition service across Trafford, we meet so many parents who have constant worries about their child’s education. This year was no exception…

One of the problems in schools, whether at primary or secondary, is that there is only so much support available to struggling children in the classroom. Unless your child has a full statement, many children simply fall through the gap.

It’s important to remember that an SEN child can be highly intelligent – often gifted. Aspergers and dyslexic children, for example, are smart cookies! 121 Home Tutors often support SEN children preparing for local Grammar or independent school exams too.

The problem is that a learning difficulty affects day-to-day progress, and can wipe out confidence. That’s why it makes such a difference to have one-to-one support with a patient teacher who can turn a child’s fortunes round.

And then there’s the issue of children who are not diagnosed; we see this a lot. Children, for instance, who struggled like mad in primary school with writing, reading and communication – are then later diagnosed with conditions such as Sensory Processing Disorder.

Overwhelmed and need help?

Private tuition is not just about helping a child with an academic subject or learning problem. It’s about giving emotional support and confidence too.

If you’re worried to bits about your child, and don’t know what to do for the best, call 121 Home Tutors.

With years of experience in helping parents get through tough times – not to mention incredible success with children who’ve fallen through the net at school – we are there for you too.

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