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Smart ways to beat bullies

Being bullied is one of the most miserable experiences that can happen to you at school. Sadly, far too many young people have to face this every day.

Bullies target anyone – whether you’re different, have religious beliefs, skin/hair colour, where you come from, your gender, size, or sexual orientation. Some even target you if you’re pretty, or successful at school.

The result? You can start feeling isolated and anxious fast. Rather than look forward to school, you dread it. Rather than focus on doing well at school, you live in fear of the next ‘attack.’

Before long, your grades will dip, you’re too afraid to go out, stop sleeping soundly – and feel so anxious that you start skipping meals and school. Plus your confidence hits rock bottom…

All because one individual or a group think they can single you out, make your life a misery, and get away with it. Well, don’t let them!

Our fab tuition team here at 121 Home Tutors have some invaluable advice to share.

Don’t ignore, take action

The truth is, you deserve to learn in a safe environment. You deserve a future… Let these bullies win and you risk both. So, what can you do today?

  • Speak up. Tell a parent, your form tutor, the school nurse, a trusted teacher. It’s not ‘snitching’ – you need to have your voice heard. Childline is a lifeline. Get in touch!
  • Make a formal complaint. Ask your parent or carer to approach the school formally to register a concern. There’s some helpful ideas on how they can do that here at
  • Don’t give up. If you’re a victim of cyberbullying, it can feel as if you’re under attack 24/7. Remember, these people have no right to harass you – at all! Instead of suffering in silence, check out this handy advice here. 

We often tutor young people across Manchester and Cheshire who have lost confidence in themselves and their futures after being bullied.

Our message is this: it’s never ever too late to pick up the pieces and head in the right direction again. In fact, our fantastic bunch of private tutors have helped anxious students – temporarily de-railed – achieve phenomenal success.

Call our fantastic team if you too need some expert support today…

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