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Practice makes perfect, right?

How to overcome failure fast

The drive for perfection is embedded in schools. Get the best grades, pass first time, win the match. But the truth is, in the real world perfection all the time doesn’t exist.

Most people in life make mistakes. You’ll hear it took them three goes to pass a driving test, that they were not offered the job, that they came last in a competition. Temporary blips…

Disappointment – and failure – are actually an important part of life. And yet when you are school, it can sometimes feel as if you have to pass every test, and succeed at everything.

Worse, if you don’t achieve a high enough grade, you could be moved down a class or refused entry to a GCSE tier. Tied up in this is often a sense of shame that you were just not good enough…

Instead of giving up, our amazing tutor team at 121 Home Tutors have some advice for what to do when faced with challenging times.

As yourself: what can I do differently next time?

Change your mindset

Firstly, the ‘have a go’ attitude is better than not trying at all. To have a good ‘go’ at something, you give yourself better chances of success.

Practise exam papers under timed conditions, ask if you don’t understand, keep up with note-taking and homework.

The slow and steady rather than ‘leave to the last minute’ approach can be less stressful too!

Learn from your mistakes

THIS is the key to success. Don’t give up if you drop a grade or fail a paper – learn from your errors instead.

Failed a mock exam? Investigate why. What can you do differently? What ‘type’ of questions stumped you? Which was the worst paper and why?

Work those questions out, change how you do things and you will be well on your way to not making the same mistake twice. Now remember: there is no shame in failing. It happens to everyone…

Get back on track with a private tutor

Of course, if you still need some extra support to get your mindset back on track, or to help unlock a learning conundrum, call our private tutor team today.

Whether you live in Manchester or Cheshire, a personal tutor on your side might just be the kickstart you need to achieve your goals.

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