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Set goals you know you can achieve

Are you in your last year before key exams? Whether you’re taking SATS, Entrance tests, GCSEs or A Levels, the chances are that you will feel overwhelmed at some point before them.

If you simply aim to ‘try my best’ or ‘pass all exams,’ you’ll quickly get into a panic as those long term goals aren’t clear enough. Instead,  why not set your sights on achievable goals – ones which you can tick off as you go along? Let’s look at how you can do just that!

Goals are fluid, not etched in stone

If you’ve already been given a set of target grades, and feel either disappointed or overwhelmed, it’s worth your while to ask yourself this question: which are the most important subjects I need to help me progress?

While all subjects matter,  some matter more than others. Decide what they are for you, then start target setting for those subjects first.

Secondly, data targets set by schools are designed to either motivate you to achieve them, or if the target is lower than expected, to encourage you to try harder. Neither are set in stone. Opening your head up to possibilities can help you not limit your chances.

Climb every mountain

If your target grades for core subjects are all 8s, but you have been working at grade 4 or low C grade, you’ve a mountain to climb.

To climb without slipping, first plan your route. Consider each key subject, then jot down the areas you struggle with most to create short-term goals from these.

i.e Get to grips with that pesky conflict poem you’ve never understood, nail algebra once and for all, find new ways to learn formulae..

Ask yourself key questions

There may well be a reason why you achieved 3s in your mocks exams, and yet your target grades show you are capable of achieving at least 6s. Be honest. Ask yourself why, and what could you do differently next time?

Don’t sit telling yourself you won’t make it. Everyone has exam disasters at some point or other.

Take action to get back on track

Our team of fab private tutors across Manchester and Cheshire are united in this piece of advice. Doing something, and taking the bull by the horns, is the way to get ahead. Sit stewing over past mistakes is a surefire way to fail.

Instead, give yourself a break, accept that you’re on a learning journey and go forward positively. Struggling to set realistic goals, or know where to start first? Sessions with a personal tutor can help you get back on track straight away.

Contact our friendly team for more information today..

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