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Can you really revise GCSE English?

It is an age-old myth that you can’t revise for English. More so than ever, it’s essential that you do well in your English GCSE, as it’s a core subject qualification which further Education colleges and sixth forms expect you to have under your belt.

That’s why you need to:

  • Get to grips with the different papers you’ll sit for the 9-1 exams
  • Learn and keep practising skills and techniques
  • Read more newspaper articles, 19th century lit and non-fiction than ever before

Now that English Language is 100% exam based, break down the papers set by your examining board into skills. If we consider AQA, paper 1 is worth 50% – 25% awarded to the descriptive writing question alone.

Polish your descriptive skills:

  • Build story writing planning into your revision using titles and Google images
  • Practise weaving different starter sentences and language techniques such as personification into your writing
  • Learn to be more observant about places and people. People watch when you are in a bus, in a crowd, at a football match. Notice how the world looks different at dawn and dusk, or when it’s raining or sunny. Descriptive writing is all about the detail…

How to improve your reading analysis

Another key element of English Language is the analytical skills you need – from understanding how language and structure has an impact on the reader, to being able to spot different ideas and perspectives.

Remember, writing – whether fiction or non-fiction – has the power to:

  • Change how we see things
  • Persuade us to think something
  • Force a reaction

To do well in English nowadays you need to know how writers achieve this. When analysing the effects of language, for instance, always consider:

  • The method used and why
  • What feelings the word generates
  • What is the word usually linked to
  • What impact does the word/device have on the reader? Shock, horror, build tension…

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