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How to help your Dyslexic child achieve at home

If you have a Dyslexic child at primary or secondary school, you will know that education can be quite a battleground.

Here are some common problems experienced by students and parents, with some helpful tips from our super tutor team across Manchester and Cheshire.

Problem 1: Schoolwork and homework takes longer

This in itself can spill over into anger and frustration. Reading can take longer, as can writing tasks as your child grapples with a challenge which other children seems to zoom through.

Our advice? Listen if your child needs to vent, and try not to overreact if he or she seems angry. Staying calm, showing empathy, then suggesting the next small step can help your child see there is a way forward.

Problem 2: Keeping up in class can be stressful

Taking notes, remembering what’s been said, and writing ideas down quickly enough can cause a Dyslexic student all sorts of issues.

Our advice? Explore visual learning ways to record information. Teach your child to use mind-maps, diagrams and pictures to remember information. Get in touch with your child’s teacher at school to ask if your child could have a print out of important Powerpoint slides so that they don’t information muddled.

Problem 3: I’m so embarrassed.

Dyslexic children are usually highly intelligent who hate drawing attention to their problem. This is why students with Dyslexia often struggle on quietly – or pretend they understand – rather than constantly ask for help.

Our advice? Speak to a new class teacher about what your child feels comfortable with, and ask to set up a checking system where the teacher discreetly checks with your child that he or she understands. You could also devise a card system where your child gives their teacher a card to show them what they need.

1 to 1 support can help build learning strategies

A Dyslexic child – or any child with a processing issue – needs time and space to understand information, and then work out how best to use it.

That’s why it might be worth opting for a private tutor for a while to help your child find a positive way through their learning difficulties.

Perhaps you are in Saletown, Timperley or Burnage and are looking for a fab Primary or Eleven Plus tutor? Or maybe your SEND child is at Secondary already and grappling with a fast-paced curriculum?

Call our wonderful team of experienced tutors for advice on your child’s special educational needs.

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