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Revision techniques that rock

Being asked to ‘Revise’ for homework is every student’s nightmare – more so if your child has SEND. Why? The fact is that most students simply don’t know how.

Usually a child will sit at their desk at home with their texts and exercise books wondering where to start. Feeling overwhelmed, most give up – then panic at the prospect of not getting anything done.

If your child has a specific learning difficulty, the problem is compounded. So, how do you support your child achieve meaningful revision – whether for SATs, Common Entrance exams, GCSEs or A Levels?

Framework for exam success

  1. Bitesize learning works wonders. Break down a topic into sections, then break those into small steps. Use colour coded folders for different subjects to help you keep information organised.
  2. Get visual. A wall of words in a textbook can be overwhelming for students. Read information in chunks at a time, then break down information into mind-maps, spider diagrams or visual images.
  3. Pair up. Revising with a friend is a great way to work through topics together. Test each other, teach each other, eat chocolate.
  4. Decode exam questions and papers. Understanding what the question is asking you to do is half the battle. Exam questions always ask you to do something and then give a focus. Highlight in different colours what they are. Learn what different command words mean: Analyse, Argue, Explain, Evaluate, Summarise etc…
  5. Flash card it! Each subject has key words and key techniques. Design flashcards for each subject to help you keep on top of different types of information.

Get help today to combat learning anxiety

Does your child needs some specific revision or learning support? Chat to our super duper team of experienced tutors.

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