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How to win the homework battle

Is homework a battleground in your house? Perhaps your child: leaves it until the last minute and then rushes it; refuses to do it with you; flies into a rage unexpectedly.

Homework can be a constant bone of contention in so many families. Just telling your child to ‘get on with it’ – or leaving them to it – can lead to ongoing frustration.

The truth is, children often get mountains of homework – some of which is time-consuming. So if a child doesn’t understand a learning concept, or is struggling to concentrate after school, you might need to take a different approach.

Three simple systems to conquer homework hurdles

Find a suitable space: Doing homework on the sofa, in front of the TV, at the kitchen table while you’re cooking, isn’t ideal. Far better to set aside a quiet space during a quieter time where you are on-hand.

Children are prone to giving up on something they don’t ‘get.’ So if you can be there as a safety net when that happens, you might ward off negative reactions.

Stay patient and positive

Sometimes, children struggle to feel positive about every subject they have to learn. And if your child has a SEND issue on top, it can feel like everything is against them.

Children struggling with a subject can reject your help, might be dismissive of topics and often seem to take ages to get round to doing their homework.

Counteract negativity by offering practical help and support: reading calmly through homework together; checking every ten minutes; giving plenty of positive encouragement for effort etc.

Look at a subject differently

If your child is struggling to read, read with them. Take it in turns… Try audio books in the car, search online for some learning games, what educational places are there locally which you can visit?

Head for amazing Museums, discover Science, bring history alive.

Need an expert pair of eyes?

When you think an extra pair of eyes and ears might help your child flourish, call us at 121 Home Tutors. With a team of the best private tutors across the North West on hand, call us today.

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