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Why it is vital to learn reading skills for exam success

Hot on the heels of our popular recent post on Dyslexia, we’re back to help your child access reading and harness helpful tools.

One of the biggest problems our 121 tutor team come across is children who struggle to process information – and therefore answer questions correctly under exam conditions.

Some children sitting SATs, Entrance exams and GSCEs often have a learning issue to juggle such as Dyslexia.

Is this your child’s experience?

Reading at a slower pace, not understanding words, sentences blurring and having a slower working memory means young people with Dyslexia have higher hills to climb.

Even with extra time or a reader in an exam, students still struggle – often resulting in low confidence.

What can you do to help your child access reading at home? What strategies could you help promote that could make a positive difference?

Inspire them to read

Make reading sociable: talk about what you read, what you enjoyed, ruthless/funny characters. Have family reading sessions where everyone reads. Easier, we know with younger kids. But if you show your child that you read for enjoyment, it can inspire them to do the same.

Gadgets galore: children today have grown up in a digital world. Encourage them to listen to audio books on their phones, or read Kindle books in bed.

Bitesize reading: graphic novels, comic books, or magazines for children such as The Week Junior can feel more accessible to struggling readers.

Reading strategies that work

Breaking down reading into less daunting blocks can make a huge difference.

Learning tools such as these can help too: highlighting key information; skimming and scanning; mind-maps or diagrams; and study skills from visual and auditory to kinaesthetic.

Check out lots of helpful suggestions here too..

Still stuck? Arrange an experienced tutor

Call us for a quick chat about your child’s needs – especially if your child keeps hitting brick walls, isn’t coping, and their self-esteem has hit rock-bottom.

Perhaps your child is facing exams and needs some extra exam strategies to help them past the winning post? Get in touch with our tutor team, available across Manchester and Cheshire.

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