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Change a child’s life … be a home tutor

  • Are you a classroom-based teacher looking for more flexibility and freedom in your working week?
  • Perhaps you’ve tutored all your own children yourself and want to do the same for other families?
  • Perhaps you’ve had children and still want to teach without all the paperwork and imposed time limits?
  • Maybe you’ve just moved into Cheshire or the Manchester area and want to secure private tuition jobs with a respected company?

Many people this time of year re-assess what they want from life – whether you’re a teacher, stuck in a career you’re not enjoying, or are looking for new opportunities… Being a private tutor can offer endless perks.

The Perks of being a Private Tutor

Flexibility: Tutoring gives you the choice of when and where you work. You can truly fit private tuition around family life. And if you are only working part time, it’s a brilliant way to boost your income.

Choice: Unlike working in a school, private tuition offers you the choice to specialise in a specific subject, or age group; to work certain days, not others; to work during holidays as well as weekends if you wish.

Make a difference: As a teacher, it’s almost impossible to support every child in your class. And if you have several classes to juggle, the paperwork and pressure mounts up – making it feel like a never-ending burden.

Working one to one with a single student, however, is so rewarding. Inspiring that quiet child who’s fallen behind or the one who’s lost their way, can be utterly wonderful.

Many ex-teachers who join us feel re-energised and motivated again, while others who miss the profession can come back into it to hone their expertise without all the pressures of a full-time post. And of course the pay is excellent too.

You are in demand

As respected tuition agency across Cheshire and Manchester area, parents often turn to us first when looking for a dependable private tutor.

Currently, we have tutor vacancies available for most subjects  from Maths, the Sciences and English, to languages such as French, Spanish and German).

Whether you can offer Primary school subjects and Entrance Exam skills – or KS3, GCSE or A Levels – we would LOVE to hear from you today! Get in touch with us right here..

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