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Do you think you need a private tutor?

How do you know if your child needs a private tutor? Is it obvious, or are there some telltale signs to watch out for?

  • Interestingly, some children make it clear that they are struggling at school when they are negative about a subject, have special needs, or if their grades suddenly nosedive.
  • Perhaps you have received the latest school report revealing a marked difference in effort and achievement since last year?
  • Maybe your son or daughter puts off doing a particular subject homework, or you’ve a battle on your hands every time you try and help them with their work?

In all of the above cases, something is wrong. Children notoriously don’t know how to explain why something is wrong, or know how to fix it – so all you see and hear is anger or anxiety.

Of course if left, anxiety can permeate through your child’s every day school life – often wiping their self-esteem and fragile confidence.

This is where a private tutor trained in getting to the heart of the problem with patience and kindness can make a massive difference. Our fabulous tuition team across Manchester and Cheshire do this all the time.

What if my child just needs to raise their game?

Our bonny band of private teachers and tutors are often called upon to help raise a student’s performance – to help them get the best out of themselves, or hit peak performance at the right time.

It might be that your child who is bursting with potential is simply struggling to meet school entrance exam expectations, or SATs, GCSEs or A Level grades.

Sometimes, there is a gap between what the child knows and the level required. If your child has moved schools, been off with illness, or lived abroad, children often feel naturally behind.

Again, this is where a one to one tutor can bring your child up to speed so that they needn’t fall behind.

Need our help too?

If you are worried and concerned, or just want the best for your child’s future, speak to our wonderful 121 Home Tutors team today.

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