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Perform at your best in any exam

Exams – whether SATs, GCSEs, A Levels or entrance tests – can strike fear into all of us. Whether you’re days, weeks or months away from that first big test, you’re bound to feel a bit jittery.

Worry not – there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that you sail through these choppy waters without capsizing.

Our super tutor team here at 121 Home Tutors are here to calm all those nagging worries, and share their top tips on how to avoid being overwhelmed.

How to keep on top of revision

  1. Find a quiet space to revise. It can help to keep your revision and bedroom separate when revising. This is to help your head associate your sleeping area with rest not worry. Maybe you could even divide the room up with a divider if your bedroom space is the only option.
  2. Build in short revision runs not marathon sessions. Pulling an all-dayer, or cramming overnight for hours on end, is counterproductive. Divide revision up into 30-45 minute blocks, and build some tests into that.
  3. Get outside! It’s essential to escape that ‘cooped up’ feeling. Fresh air and some sunlight can work wonders if you’re stuck in a negative mindspace, or have run aground for a bit. Keeping active releases endorphins that make you feel better instantly too – and helps to keep anxiety at bay.
  4. Mix revision techniques. Reading exercise or text books – endlessly – isn’t the best approach. Mix it up for the best results. Revise a specific section or topic, then reproduce what you’ve read using visual reminders: mind maps, flashcards, posters, bullet-point list. Or get a mate over and teach each other key areas of the test.
  5. Stay positive. Positive thinking is ESSENTIAL. Believe in yourself. Examiners are not looking for perfection, remember, so do what you can. Besides, these exams will be over before you know it – then you can look forward not back.

Need more revision support?

Of course, if you’re struggling with some thing and can’t find your way through, it might be work speaking to your parents about some private, one to one tuition.

Not only will you get a teacher or tutor’s undivided attention, but you can unblock those niggling problems in half the time.

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