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Weapons of mass ‘digital’ distraction

Our children are fast growing up! As they find their way in the world, they are feeding their brains with a digital diet – far removed from the childhood we recognise.

Today, communication is instant. No sending letters via postboxes, or dialling curly-flexed telephones. Our kids text and Snapchat instantly on their own smartphones…

Where young people access information from has changed too. Whereas we relied on TV news, newspapers, books, CDROMs and Encyclopedia, young people today are glued to Social Media for up-to-the minute info.

Are your kids more in tune with virtual reality?

More than just accessing information, children today seem to live their lives online. Whether posting on Facebook, creating an Instagram lifestyle, or YouTubing, technology is an undeniable part of kids’ lives.

Not just all of this, but entertainment is different too. Whereas we played outside, the Internet opens up a global window in our children’s own bedrooms. Online gaming, for starters, has changed how young people ‘play.’

Is this a good or bad thing? Something we are sure you’ve asked yourself a thousand times as you see your child reach for their phone the moment they come in from school.

Well, in short, a digital diet can deteriorate into a battleground at home. How can you avoid this?

Screens and teens – what to do about it?

Set boundaries. Stopping your children from using technology will only end in tears. It can be a useful learning aid, after all – plus many schools set homework online. We, here at 121 Home Tutors, even offer online tutoring as it can be convenient.

That’s why it can help to set personal boundaries such as no tech at mealtimes, no screens before school, or at bedtime. The Internet isn’t the problem. How or how often it is used can be.

Agree an overnight switch off. Unplug the Internet overnight to ensure you and your children have a digital detox. Everyone benefits… That’s the deal.

Gentle reminders work best. If your child is an online gamer, agree rules. Explain that you’ll give them a half hour ‘warning’ before switch off, then stick to it. Keep an eye out for signs of addiction. As parents, we owe it to ourselves and our children to learn to switch off too.

Talk talk talk. Young people can easily be taken in by ‘perfect’ body images posted by celebs, or seemingly perfect lives where everyone else seems to be having fun, be on holiday etc etc… The truth is, one image never tells the whole story – or the real one.

Best thing is to talk to your kids about being more critical, and not accept everything they see online as gospel.

The human touch can work wonders

We can’t change the world that our children are in, but we can help them navigate it. Giving them time, and supporting them with homework challenges, can make a difference.

Perhaps some personal tuition could help your child learn to problem solve without finding answers online first.. Give us a call… We’ve some cracking tutors across Cheshire and Manchester waiting to help today.

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