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Thinking of arranging tuition? Why it pays to think ahead

The school year seems to whizz past so fast, doesn’t it? Before you know it, a new term arrives and you’re just not ready for it. Panic stations to sort out uniform, stationery, satchels etc..

When it comes to arranging private tuition, one of the most common issues parents face is that they often leave it late to enlist support. Without question, there are always sound reasons for this. Working mums and dads are constantly juggling careers and kids to just get through the week…

Some parents – after contacting us here in the heart of Cheshire, just south of Manchester – see weeks and sometimes months whoosh by before they come back to us. Life just gets in the way…

While we understand this, it is fair to say that if a popular tutor was available weeks ago, chances are that they might not be now since many free slots are snapped up so quickly.

This can lead to disappointment, and sometimes a long waiting time for reputable tutors like ours to be free.

Thinking ahead can help you to get ahead

Looking back over the years of helping children achieve – whether exam support, improving confidence or teaching young people the tools they need to succeed independently – the one thing that made a difference was…? Early intervention.

Stress too can be averted and dealt with calmly if caught early enough. Early intervention also allows for students to build up a skillset over time, and not have to cram essential information in at the last minute.

Plus, if your child is the quiet yet clever introvert who never dares ask for help in class, support in good time can ward off bigger problems in the future.

Shall we pencil in a quick chat?

If your son or daughter has struggled this term, not achieved what they hoped, or school is a battle, don’t be shy in coming forward to chat to our experienced tutor team here at 121 Home Tutors.

Whether you are just thinking about a private tutor for the holidays, for the next school term, or from Christmas on perhaps, chat to us early.

The easiest way is to fill in this contact form to get the ball rolling pronto. There’s no obligation, of course, but it costs nothing to find out.

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