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Relaxing ways to brush up your 11 Plus skills

Sitting entrance exams can feel like you are going into battle – not just against yourself, but against many other local students all fighting for those coveted school places.

Whether it’s the holidays or weekend, here are some fun ways to polish up on those skills – while maintaining interest and motivation:

Be a bookworm

Some truly superb fiction books are available now which can fire up your child’s imagination. Reading is not only a wonderful way to relax, it is also an unbeatable way to improve vocabulary knowledge plus study the art of story-telling.

Check out these fabulous titles if you get the chance:

  • Where the River Runs Gold: Sita Brahmachari
  • Wild Boy: Rob LLoyd Jones
  • Who let the Gods Out: Maz Evans
  • Clockwork or All Wound Up: Philip Pullman

Be a Maths Genius 

Master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division the fun way. Head to the internet to download free apps and games. Do a search, and you’ll discover infinite games, quizzes and apps you can try for free.

You can also buy fun ‘on the go’ games such as Math Trekker, Whizz card games, or Race to Infinity.

Think fast as lightning

Entrance exams, such as those in the Manchester Consortium and other local Independent or Grammar schools, test your ability to think on your feet.

Why not play games which can fine-tune your thinking skills, pit yourself against the clock, and brush up your verbal and non-verbal skills at the same time?

  • Blokus is a fun, fast-paced strategy game to get your brain cells buzzing.
  • Quirkel is another fab board  or travel game to trigger fast-thinking, and help spot patterns.
  • We also love wonderful wordy flashcards such as Farquhar’s – or how about a dose of Wordsmithery?

One to one tuition for upping your skills and techniques

While games add an element of fun, and can motivate a reluctant child to learn, working with a personal tutor really can propel your child’s progress at a rapid pace.

Because lessons are tailored to your child’s abilities, plus geared for the specific school, every tuition second counts.

Contact our fab tutor team here at 121 Home Tutors. Covering Manchester, Cheshire and villages in between, you can get professional support right on your doorstep.

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