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Online lessons could not be easier

As well as exceptional face to face lessons across Manchester and Cheshire, you can now learn through one to one lessons online with our fab tutor team wherever you are in the world!

Learning online is a piece of cake

Best of all, our online tuition platform is a piece of cake. In short, you pay for a lesson beforehand, then arrange a time and date with your tutor.  When you log on to our tuition platform, you simply enter the room at the designated time and there will be your tutor ready to start.

No faffing with microphones or cam installations. So long as you have both on your computer, set up is automatic.

Just why, though, is online tuition becoming so popular?

The smart way to learn

What are five fab benefits to online tuition through 121 Home Tutors? Where do we start…?!

  1. Trustworthy tutors guaranteed. All tutors are ID and qualification checked – plus referenced – to ensure that only the most dependable tutors can support your son or daughter.
  2. Top notch tutor rooms. Through live video chat, you can both see and hear each other within the tutor room. There is also a shared interactive whiteboard which you can both access, edit, upload and download at the same time.
  3. Tools galore. Within the platform itself, you have access to a raft of shared tools to aid learning. It’s brilliant! You can make instant notes, diagrams, edit text, and even screen share. The toolbar allows you to draw, erase, create shapes/text boxes, upload YouTube videos, use gridlines for graphs, use a protractor, zoom in to the screen/zoom out etc.. It’s just like being with a tutor, except you are in the comfort of your own space.
  4. Recorded lessons for revision. Unlike traditional lessons, our online lessons are recorded. A fantastic way to go over the lesson again to revise or refresh your memory.
  5. Flexible lessons at times to suit you. The beauty of online tuition sessions is that your child can have a lesson on holiday, early in the morning or later at night (if slots are available). You are not subject to queuing traffic, weather conditions, road closures. Instead, on-tap learning when you need it.

Try online tutoring … you have nothing to lose

Simply get in touch with us here to find out how online tutoring could boost your child’s learning! Many tutors even offer free trial sessions as tasters. Win-win!

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