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How to combat homework hostility

Homework can feel like an endless struggle… One that never seems to end. If you are not careful, it can turn into a full-blown fight … every day! How do you stop this?

As ever, our experienced tuition team here at 121 Home Tutors have some fantastic practical advice to help you get through trying times!

Surviving homework hell

Feed the brain, then unwind: After eight hours away from the house, most children are ravenous when they get home! Getting them to do homework on an empty stomach will not end well.

Yummy proteins, carbs and fruits will re-energise a tired child instantly – plus give them some down time to unwind.

Plan ahead: it helps to know in advance when homework is set so that you can help your child stay on top of homework due. A timetable on the fridge allows you to be supportive daily.

A ‘What have you got left to do today? Let’s see how we can do this together’ approach can help the most reluctant student feel they don’t have to do it alone.

Follow a routine that works for all: it might be that starting homework the minute your child or teen walks through the door just doesn’t work. Some children prefer to get it out of the day, leaving them free. Others like to chill out first.

Whatever works for you, stick to it. Remember though: a routine that’s flexible with down time built in will yield the best results.

Keep calm and carry on: homework can cause explosive outbursts, frustration and negativity. Rather than react by shouting back, give them a chance to let their emotions out. Offloading emotion is natural, and healthy.

Shaming or scolding emotion (‘If you don’t stop that, I’ll…’ or ‘Stop being daft…’) only makes the situation worse. Instead, supportive words can make all the difference. Stay calm, and reassuring. ‘I’m sorry you’ve had a bad day… Let’s figure out how to do this together, OK?’

Get help from a professional tutor

Parents are often amazed to see their child listening to a tutor after all your homework skirmishes… The truth is, education has changed since we were at school. Techniques are different, challenges are different.

Rather than surrender, why not see if a personal tutor can help get your child back on track? If a subject is causing that much commotion, it’s worth investing some time in breaking the cycle.

Get in touch with our supportive tuition team to discuss how a homework tutor could help avoid future conflict.


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