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How to Smash GCSE Science Revision

Science is a HUGE subject to get your head around – whether you are studying Combined Science, Double Science etc…

Like most students, there might be one individual subject which causes you some serious grief.

So, just how do you prepare for such information-heavy exams? Don’t fret; follow these handy hints instead.

Your Guide to Science Success

  1. Create Flash Cards. Using your spec/text book, make concise notes for each key learning point. Summarise in your head so that you feel clear about it, then create your flash card. Phrase the fact as a question, even, with the answer on the back. Add a diagram and definition if relevant. You could set up a colour coded system for the different sciences too.
  2. Practise past papers. This is essential for several reasons.  First, going through past papers helps you familiarise yourself with the types of questions you can expect. On top of that, by going through the mark scheme – easily found online – you will learn what examiners are expecting. Interestingly, you will also notice how often the same questions come up time and again. Remember to star your flashcards to remember them!
  3. Get practical. Check the course spec to note all the practicals you should have covered in class.  If you missed some of them, do a search on YouTube to find it. BBC Bitesize is also a fantastic resource packed with information! Check this fab YouTube channel too…
  4. Revise for topic tests. Yes, I know. It’s time consuming… It’s easy to wing it for these in-term tests. The problem with this is that you’ll never really remember anything when the real exams arrive. Plus you’ll be left with such a massive to-do list, that it can lead to stress. Yikes! Instead, rehearse and repetition is one of THE best ways to train your brain. Get stuck in to make that info stick!
  5. Be honest. Have you had a lesson or covered a topic and just not got it? It happens to us all. Instead of avoiding it, confront the beastie! Find other ways to look at it. YouTube is a goldmine. Teachers up and down the country use it to teach their students or do revision sessions. Do a Google search to find other resources to help. Tonnes of info is free online!

Make time work for you

There’s no doubt: if you do the above, you’ll need to prioritise revision and perhaps put your social life on the back burner for a while.

The earlier you start, the easier it will be nearer the exams. Don’t forget: with loads of other subjects as well, you will need to find a way of sticking to good systems that work.

Call the Science Tuition Specialists

If you get really stuck, and feel like you’re going round in circles, you can always arrange a personal tutor local to you or online to help.

As one of the leading tuition services across Manchester and Cheshire, we are bound to have the perfect tutor who can put your mind at ease.

Give us a call…

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