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Brain boosting memory techniques

With more teacher assessments during the Pandemic, you need to learn how to prepare for frequent testing as teachers gather grade data.

When every test counts, what are the best ways to remember information so that you pull your best effort out of the bag when it matters?

Four recall hacks to remember facts

  1. Practise retrieval. Study in different places to help embed information in your brain. If you studied a topic last year but are struggling to recall it now, re-study the information again in a different space – but aim to take subject specific notes/create flashcards.
  2. Organise knowledge. Whatever the test ahead, find out what is involved/which part of the syllabus is going to be tested, then revise to that by breaking down information into knowledge organisers. Chunk down a topic, play scene or world event, for instance, into bullet-pointed sections.
  3. Visualise facts. Ever heard of a Memory Palace? It’s a nifty visualisation technique to help you use a place you know, and attach information to key points in that place. In your mind, you walk through that place recalling facts as you go. It sounds mad, but it works!
  4. Be a quiz whiz. Self-quizzing is a brilliant way to help you recall information several times until it sticks. If you have created flashcards or knowledge organisers (KO), study them, cover, then regurgitate. Anything you have forgotten, highlight the info in a different colour, then study it again. Voila!

Need to achieve more in half the time?

Chat to our experienced team of GCSE and A Level tutors about arranging some intensive one to one tuition. It’s incredible how much ground you can cover in a focussed revision session.

Just nip along to our contact page to check the different ways to get in touch. And good luck!

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