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Is this your nightmare too?

Parents worry about their children. They worry about progress, falling behind, getting the basics right.

Whether schools are in lockdown, or a child misses out on education for some time, one of the top concerns parents have is, ‘How will my child catch-up if they’ve missed out on so much?’

As well as lower performance levels, mental health issues and disruption to exam preparation, children at Primary School age are potentially disadvantaged the most.

Simply because children aged 4-11 are also learning to find their feet in life…

Strengthen those wings before taking flight

Primary School children often rely on their teacher’s instruction so they know how to use their wings before flying off to enjoy greater independence at Secondary.

To miss out on such vital learning early on can have a devastating impact later. The truth is, laying the foundations in Literacy and Numeracy underscores how our children progress.

Early Years phonics help our children become better readers and writers as they progress through Key Stage 1 and 2. Plus sound numeracy knowledge helps kids tackle more difficult problem-solving later.

Any disruption simply slows them down. And if your child has Special Needs or learning difficulties, they will be especially at risk during troubled times.

When a tricky patch turns into a problem

If your child is utterly confused, switched off, or refusing to try something they were once fine with, it’s worth getting help to tackle it.

Sadly, these issues don’t disappear by themselves – they usually deteriorate.

But sourcing a very experienced tutor you can trust to help your child out of a pickle isn’t always easy. That’s why parents turn to us here at 121 Home Tutors as we do all the hard work for you.

Safety checks, identity checks, DBS checks, reference checks –¬† we do the works!

A team of problem-solvers at your disposal

When you need a helping hand to fill in the gaps, reverse decline and help your child shine again, get in touch with our trusty tutors available across Cheshire and Manchester, or wherever you are on the planet.

Here’s how to get in touch for an initial chat.

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