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The Big Mystery Explained! How to Choose A Levels

Hot on the heels of our recent post, ‘Are you cut out for A Levels?‘ let’s explore the truth behind making A level choices. This decision gets most students in a spin every year as so much seems to ride on it.

A Level choices … where to start

Do you want to go to university?

First things first: A Levels are the main academic route to university.  Not every student goes to Uni, of course Рbut a haul of A Levels can be a useful step towards that dream job or course.

Do you enjoy the subject?

A Levels are not an easy option, so we advise you to choose subjects which you enjoy and are fascinated by.

Ideally, love of subject needs to be at the heart of any decision since it will increase your motivation to self-study.

Are you good at it?

Seems an odd question, but we would not advise you to take an A Level in any subject that you only just scraped by in at GCSE.

If it’s a subject that you constantly struggled in, you’ll need to devote extra time and energy into overcoming¬† past learning issues to ensure future success. Far better to opt for subject choices that you excel in.

Think ahead too: if you dream of going to Uni, you will need a scoop of decent grades in your A Level choices to ensure you are offered University places. You’ll need to aim for high end grades to guarantee more choice.

What career do you have in mind?

Another consideration is: will your A Level choices support your dream career?

If you already have a career in mind, do some homework on possible degree courses – noting their subject and grade entry requirements. This will help shape your A Level choices.

Definitely research specific careers too. Try this fab link on UCAS to do just that..!

No ideas yet?

What if you don’t have a career in mind yet? Worry not! Plenty of teens in your position don’t. You might want to opt for a mix of subjects that you simply enjoy. Or maybe consider BTECs if you fancy a mix of academic and vocational learning.

Sometimes a wider mix of choices can open up your options later down the line anyway.

The main thing is to remember that choices are not set in stone. People change their careers in life, they take unusual routes, and often life takes a different twist when you least expect it.

Secure those grades

GCSEs and A Levels are stepping stones. Our job is to help you secure specific grades so that you keep leaping ahead…

Get in touch with our local Manchester and Cheshire tuition team, or our cracking bunch of online tutors available wherever you are in the world.

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