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Is learning a different language still relevant?

With Brexit, the Covid Pandemic and reduction in world travel, is language learning really necessary? A resounding YES from us. Our private tutors in Manchester and Cheshire help scores of people to speak another language.

Despite these events, learning a foreign language has never been more crucial. Advances in technology mean that the world is getting smaller – we can now connect with people from all over the world with a click.

And, as we explored in ‘Learn a Language, Transform your Career,’ a few years back, there are opportunities galore for bilingual speakers.

Nothing has changed that. In fact, languages continue to play a huge role in:

  • Immigration
  • Political diplomacy
  • International relations
  • Societal cohesion
  • Global careers

Global careers and immigration requirements are the biggies that we are especially interested in. Let’s dive in…

Speak the lingo

Immigration happens all over the planet. When people apply for settled status in the UK or want to move abroad, one of the requirements is usually to pass a speaking/reading ‘test’ in the country’s language.

Certainly for immigrants moving to the UK, learning English as a Foreign Language is as popular as ever.

If that is what you need to do, our fantastic EFL tutors can help you achieve just that.

Open up a new world of opportunity

Not just for settled status either. Maybe you are planning a trip abroad at some stage and want to brush up your skills?

Perhaps you have set your sights on working in Europe or further afield, or you want to study another global language such as Russian, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish?

Being bilingual still impresses other countries, especially if you want to carve out a career there.

While global English might seem as if it’s diminishing other languages, the fact is that being multi-lingual has real-world benefits that are yours for the taking.

Private tutors in Manchester at the ready

Speak to us here at 121 Home Tutors wherever you are on the planet, and we’ll get you speaking and understanding another language confidently in no time.

Whether you’re looking for private tutors in Manchester, Cheshire, or anywhere else for that matter, get in touch.

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