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End Maths Meltdowns Today

triangle joke

Is your son or daughter struggling to get to grips with Maths GCSEs or A Levels? As a Marmite subject, Maths seems to bring out the best or worst in students. They seem to ‘get it’ or they don’t.

For some, Maths is a complete nightmare. Not just for the students either. Because the teaching of Maths has changed so much in recent years, parents find it harder to support their teens. So, why is it SO tricky to understand?

Why is my child struggling SO much with Maths?

  • There are loads of concepts to master from numbers and geometry to algebra and probability
  • There are often several steps and sequences to solving challenges
  • There’s all sorts of formulae and measurements to remember

That’s not all though….

Pandemic problems

Thing is, it’s not just the subject itself that’s causing Maths meltdowns… Recent times have added to the mix. With Covid-19 disruption, young people:

  • Have noticeably wider gaps in their learning knowledge
  • Worry that they’ve fallen behind and don’t know how to catch up
  • Live with the daily uncertainty about how they’ll be assessed

DIY techniques which might kick-start your learning

  • Make a plan of all the areas you find tricky and work your way through them
  • Use previous tests to whittle down areas to focus on
  • Get exam-ready by practising past papers

Still stuck and need Maths support pronto?

The good news is you needn’t stagger on alone. With a host of utterly brilliant GCSE and A Level tutors on your doorstep, those nightmares could vanish overnight.

Working with a one-to-one tutor can make ALL the difference. We see it every day. The relief, the confidence boost and the sheer joy sometimes at finally mastering something that’s been impossible to understand for so long.

Our top team of Maths professionals are ready to help you too. Just get in touch with us.

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