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Learn a Foreign Language To Access Opportunities

Foreign language learning

More than ever before, learning a foreign language can:

  • Expand your opportunities
  • Improve your global presence
  • Help you study and work abroad

As globalisation makes the world smaller, people from all corners of the world connect. And not always in English as you might presume.

Because so many companies operate across multiple countries nowadays, it is a massive advantage to be able to speak the lingo. Being fluent in more than one, two or even three foreign languages than your mother tongue makes you truly in-demand.

Whatever your job choice, learning a foreign language is a smart career move.

Best Modern Language to Learn is…?

The good news is, you’ve so much choice when you opt to add a language to your skill set. But here are a few interesting facts to set multilingual tongues wagging!

  1. FRENCH. It is one of the most widely spoken languages across all five continents. Being fluent in French can open doors to careers from Europe to Canada and beyond. An official working language in endless international organisations, it could be an indispensable language to have on your CV.
  2. CHINESE MANDARIN. China is a superpower, and a global trading partner with every country. This means that Mandarin could be a fortuitous foreign language to have up your sleeve. Not an easy language to learn by any means, but a global one.
  3. SPANISH. We all love saying ‘hola’ when in Spain – without pronouncing the h, of course! But do you need more than the basics? Si! Spanish is the official language of over 20 countries, including the second unofficial language of the USA. Yes, really! Mexico borders America, so it makes sense to be bilingual in Spanish if you’ve set your sites on working in North or South America.

Language Tuition Gives You a Voice

Being bilingual is a much sought-after skill to future employers.

As learning foreign languages is being updated in schools, more than ever before you have some fantastic opportunities to skyrocket your future options.

Speak to our tutor team here at 121 Home Tutors. We have a host of modern foreign language tutors ready to help you find your voice. Get in touch when you’re ready.

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