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Get Ahead with Holiday Tuition

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There’s been a huge upsurge in parents asking for holiday tuition. And little wonder too.

School time isn’t all about lessons. Children have more of an extra-curricular life than ever before.¬† From after-school clubs and sports fixtures to school plays, camps or visits, time is squeezed during the school year.

Holidays, while much needed chill-out time, can also be the perfect opportunity to skill-up – in readiness for the new term – as well as catch up with difficult concepts that might hold your child back.

Why Holiday Tuition is a Triumph

End of term red flags

Has your child struggled with mock exams, received a worrying progress report, or floundered with harder topics as a new term or year beckons? It’s a red flag.

Because learning problems heap up if not addressed, the situation intensifies into the next stage of learning. This is where holiday tuition comes into its own.

With time and space to work on difficulties – without the pressure of school – tutors can help your child unravel WHY they are struggling and WHAT to do about it.

Brain Drain Strikes

For parents, school holidays seem endless. As you know, the usual routines stop, homework stops, learning activities stop.

As we blogged about previously, brain drain is a proven fact. The good news is that learning can continue during the hols and NOT be boring at all.

That’s where holiday tuition can be a godsend. If your child hasn’t been enthused about a subject, or simply lacked motivation, a personal tutor can help them find their mojo.

Often, a lack of motivation comes from a lack of understanding. When a child doesn’t ‘get it,’ they switch off – making learning an uphill battle.

Instead, working one to one can open that stuck door, revive flagging grades and find the fun in learning again.

Book a Holiday Tutor Today

Whether your child or teen is facing entrance exams, GCSEs or starting a new school soon, a dose of holiday tuition to help them get ahead can be just the ticket.

Get in touch with our tuition dream team when you’re ready to get started!



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