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2 Holiday Transition Tips To Make Life Easier

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We’ve all been there. That end of term euphoria signalling no school for a few weeks – whether it’s Easter, Christmas or the long summer break. 

No more getting up early, no more bells, no more routine. As great as that is at the time, how do you get back into routine again without losing the will to live?

We’ve an unbeatable line-up of the best advice from our trusty tutor team. Ready?

Tip 1: Beat the Bedtime Blues

If your family is anything like ours during a school break, the first thing to go is the bedtime ritual.

So to avoid morning mayhem, try these tried and tested tips.

  • A week before going back, get your brood to bed 15 minutes earlier every night so their body clocks adapt gradually 
  • Stop screen time an hour before bedtime too to ensure they get to sleep faster
  • Sleeping in until midday is a hard routine to break. Therefore, it makes sense to build in some activities that ensure earlier get up times. Plus, set that alarm 15 minutes earlier every day too. 

You’ll find it easier to get the kids back to school during those early morning starts if you try these holiday transition tips.

What’s next?

Holiday Transition Tip 2: Lose the Baggage

A teenager’s school bag is a black hole, stuffed with items that rarely see the light of day. 

Not to mention the PE kit bag that, left to its own devices, will remain a crumpled up mess that you have to deal with – usually the night before term starts. <Shudders…!>

Instead of facing untold horrors, these tips will make life less stressful for all.

  • On the last day of term or the day after, get into a habit of tackling anything that needs washing so that it’s ready for the start of term
  • Encourage your child to turf out any letters/reports sent home that might be helpful for next term’s smooth start
  • Wheedle out any pack-lunch boxes to avoid your child’s school bag becoming a Chemistry experiment. Plus, look ahead by 

Just from a practical standpoint, these three tips will avoid any unnecessary stress and panic the night before. 

Support to Make the Most of the New Term

Of course, while these holiday transition hints will help everyone adjust, there may well be an issue that your child or teen carries over term to term that isn’t an overnight fix. 

Learning problems don’t disappear – they fester unless you face them.

If they struggled with a specific subject or a situation, have a calm conversation about it. What would help next term… Or chat about practical things they could do to reduce anxiety.

Another option is to enlist the professional support of a private tutor who can break down any learning barriers so that they tackle past problems rather than stressing about them.

As ever, we’ve just the right tutor to help. Get in touch with our top tuition team right here. 

In the meantime, if your child’s study habits have totally gone to pot, read our popular blog: Replace Bad Study Habits To Skyrocket Your Grades.

Photo courtesy of: A Mother Far From Home website.

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