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Five GCSE Maths Revision Tips

GCSE Maths Support

Maths! One of those Marmite subjects, eh? You either love it or .. you don’t.

Truth is, being a mathematical whizz kid is super helpful across several other subjects such as Physics and Business Studies.

Plus it’s an important subject that opens the doors to further education and beyond.

But what if you’re struggling with Maths right now? What if Algebra, Probability or Geometry have you scratching your head?

What can you do to solve those Maths conundrums today?

Boost GCSE Maths Grades THIS Way

  1. Do LOTS of Maths. Yes, it’s true. The more you do, the better you’ll become.

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Set time aside every day to challenge yourself with a handful of questions such as from Corbett Maths, those tricky questions will start getting easier.

2. Practise makes Perfect. Try a practice paper with a mark-scheme to hand.

Rather than put yourself under huge pressure, it’s a nifty way to isolate problem questions for you to tackle.

3.  Nail the Easy Marks. If you have to prove, verify or show, always write a statement to back up your answer.

Plus, you know those multiple choice questions on some exam board papers? Don’t leave them blank. Have a guess. You’ve nothing to lose – and a one on four chance to get them right.

4. Work Up to Exam Practice. It’s always helpful to work up to full-on timed condition exam practice rather than doing endless past papers and struggling.

It’s far better to do a paper, isolate problem areas and go off to study how to nail those pesky issues first before doing another paper. Might take a little longer, but it’s worth it.

If you don’t, you’ll feel that pressure mount up.

5. Watch The Clock! It’s surprising how fast time flies … when you’re having fun in the exam hall!

As you know, some papers allow you a minute per mark. Hot a brick wall? Leave it and come back to it.

Insider tip: why not answer the questions you are more confident about first? You needn’t do the exam questions in order, you know.

Whatever you do, don’t panic if a tough question appears. With Higher GCSE Maths papers, half the questions are set at Grade 7 as it is.

So everyone who’s sitting the exam will be in the same boat as you. Trick is to keep your cool – and don’t worry about the questions that seem beyond you at that moment.

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