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Learn How to Win From The World of Sport

learn to win

Whether you’re a footie, tennis or an F1 fanatic, your sporting heroes didn’t reach the top overnight.

In fact, it’s just as important to fail as it is to win. A hard lesson, but an important one.

From track to field, court to pitch, classroom to our lives beyond, every one of us can learn the lessons of winning and losing.

The game of life changes the rules … all the time. However, if you learn a few positive moves today, you’ll reap the benefit.

Ready? 3…2…1 GO!

Turn Defeat into a Win

Did you catch tennis ace Roger Federer give an inspiring talk recently about how to win at life? It’s too good to miss.

In short, he gave some brilliant advice to students about to embark on their lives:

  • Don’t dwell on failure. Learn from it..
  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • Negative energy is wasted energy
  • Accept failure, then move on from it

The message is clear. Failing a test or an exam is par for the course.

Instead of feeling miserable about it, think about why you struggled with that topic, that test.

Once you whittle down the problem, then you’ll know what to focus on to fix it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Studying several subjects at the same time means that you’ll enjoy some more than others.

Just as elite athletes win through dedication and discipline, you can do the same to break through subject stalemate.

Even when you feel like giving up, sticking with it can help you break through the aspects you find tricky.

One of the best ways to crack a learning challenge? Keep chipping away at it.

And a smart way of doing that?

  • Practise key skills or subject recall to build your confidence
  • Practise exam papers to familiarise yourself with question types
  • Check marking schemes for an inside peek at what examiners are looking for

Once that confusing topic makes sense, you’ll be amazed at how a weight lifts from your shoulders.

Need a Nudge to Boost Your Results Too?

Whether you’re studying for entrance exams, GCSEs or A levels, remember Federer’s  words: ‘Perfection is impossible. Sometimes you are going to lose. Accept it – and don’t dwell on it.’ 

That’s where support from a personal tutor can make all the difference – especially if you don’t know how to move forward.

From helping you break a negative mindset to finally overcoming that challenge,  we have a bunch of experienced subject specialists to help you find that winning streak,

Feel free to have a chat with our learning team today. Here’s how to reach us!

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