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GCSE English – tutor tips for learning

GCSE English is one of our most popular private tutor requests, with lots of tutors wanted near exam time. Many students love the topic but become overwhelmed when it comes to exam time, this is often because they aren’t sure what the examiner is looking for. So our GCSE English tutors put their heads together and came up for a list of hints and tips for smashing that GCSE English exam.

  1. Read the question – our GCSE English tutors suggest you take five minutes to just sit and read the question, what is it actually asking, who is the audience, what is the genre.
  2. Write for your audience – keep in mind who you are writing for and use the same tone.
  3. Use the question – the answer you give will relate to the question you’ve just been asked, so look at the question and highlight any points you can use to structure your answer.
  4. Make a plan – use your highlighted points to create an argument that has a beginning, middle and end. Then plan each paragraph focusing on one point per paragraph.
  5. Start big, end well. It’s a good idea to start off well, craft a really good opening sentence rather than drifting into it. Know when you should stop writing and plan how you’ll end.
  6. Keep me interested. Try to make your writing exciting and lively, vary the structure of your sentences and the words you use, avoid too much repetition.
  7. Remember what you learnt in class and with your home tutor. Examiners aren’t usually trying to catch you out,  you will have covered the material you need in lessons or with your GCSE English private tutor.
  8. Check and check again – check that you’ve used the right format and for full stops, commas and spelling mistakes.

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