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Study shows private tutoring improves grades

Did you know just 10 hours tutoring could boost your grades from a C to an A?

A US based student matching service (similar to the service provided by 121 Home Tutors in Manchester, Cheshire and the North West of England) has carried out a study of nearly 300 tutors. The results of that study show that just 10 hours of private tutoring can have a dramatic effect on grades – the survey showed that 72% of students improve their grade by between one and two letter grades (so moving from a C to a B or even an A). They also found a small percentage of students (around 12%) improved their grade by two or more letter grades- meaning your child could potentially move from a D grade to an A grade.

So why does private tutoring improve grades?

1.      One on one support. The main advantage of a private tutor is that they spend a great deal of one on one time with a student. This means they can quickly and effectively assess strengths and weaknesses. Based on this they can create a highly targeted plan of study to tackle any issues.

2.      Fun learning. Each tutor has their own teaching methods but they can be incredibly flexible depending on the needs of the child and their learning style. They also have the scope to create fun lessons that may be different from the traditional, less interactive approach in a classroom.

3.      A safe environment. Private tutors allow a child to talk about their problems in an environment they feel safe in. They can discuss their fears, chat about subjects they struggle with and talk around problems. They don’t have to worry about what their friends or teacher thinks. This often means a child becomes more confident, which helps them in the classroom setting, in turn improving their grades.

Overall grade improvement depends on lots of factors including the subject your child is being tutored in and how dedicated your child is to their study (self-motivated students tend to do better). However, if your child is having two hours of private tuition a week you could see a significant improvement in just a month.

If you live in Manchester or Cheshire and you’d like to find out more about how private tuition could help improve your child’s grades contact us today.

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