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Maths GCSE revision tips

It’s just a few weeks until Easter (can you believe it!) and that means revision season is on us once again. Over the next few weeks you’ll see lots of hints and tips from 121 Home Tutors on how to get the most from your revision. This week we’ll focus on a particular subject area. Yes, it’s the dreaded Maths (we can hear the groans already).

Maths is one of our most requested subjects for private tutoring in Manchester and South Manchester. We have private Maths tutors that start at primary level and go right up to AS, A2 and A Level but most of tutors work with secondary level students who are fast approaching their GCSEs .

So here are our private tutors’ top seven tips for GCSE Maths revision:

1.      Our number one top tip is to know exactly what you need to revise. Carefully check the syllabus and know the topics you need to revise. If you are unsure then ask your teacher. It’s also a good idea to ask your teacher if you need to learn any formulas or if they’ll be printed on the exam paper.

2.      Start with the basics first. Once you know what you need to revise then tackle the basic topics first. Maths builds on basics and as you move up in school you’ll find the basics you’ve learnt are integrated with each other and across topics.  Try breaking harder problems into smaller sections rather than trying to tackle the whole thing in one go. This means you’ll devote the most time to the trickiest parts and not get overwhelmed when you get close to the exam.

3.      Don’t be afraid to use revision guides and GCSE revision books (make sure you pick the right one for your syllabus). There’s also lots of great information on websites like BBC bitesize. Finally don’t forget your textbooks, teachers and if you have one, your private Maths tutor.

4.      Past papers. If you can get hold of them (ask your teacher) then these can really help focus your mind on the sort of questions you might have to tackle in an exam. As your revision moves on try completing a past paper in a set time frame to give you an idea of how you’ll cope on the actual day.

5.      If you struggle to sit down and stare at papers for hours then try a revision study group or try mental maths.

6.      Start early. Revision is really hard if you are rushing or stressed. Plan your revision out, including breaks.

7.      If you are struggling ask for help. If something just isn’t sticking during revision then ask a friend, parent or call in a private tutor. They can help you work through any barriers.

If you need a tutoring to help you with Maths or Maths revision in Manchester or South Manchester (we cover all areas including Altrincham and Hale) then call or email 121 Home Tutors today.

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