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2012 – a year of change in tutoring and teaching

Last year was a year of real change in the UK, we faced tough economic times and many public and private sector workers lost their jobs. The tutoring world also faced hardship. Many parents, despite wanting the best for their child’s education, had to let tutors go. On the other hand we didn’t lose students because suddenly there was a group of students and parents who realised how important being the best might just be in the future. Many children who are now at school face an uncertain career future and so they need to achieve the best they can at school and be multi-skilled to survive.

Our own tutors are learning about diversifying and how that can keep you employed when things go haywire with the economy. So, for example. some of our language tutors who traditionally taught French and German are now adding in additional languages that they are qualified to teach. And our tutors are continually improving their own qualifications to put their career in the strongest position possible. This is a great lesson to teach children, whether you call it a back up plan or keeping fingers in lots of pies. The days of lifelong jobs seem to be a thing of the past so your child needs to both academically succeed and think about alternative career plans alongside any they already have. One of our English as a Foreign Language tutors has spent years working with students who have moved to the UK. Now things are changing he’ll also be teaching English at GCSE and A Level (one of our most popular subjects).

Adapting is something that comes almost naturally to teachers and tutors – we see new students every few months, we deal with lots of different syllabuses across different exam boards and help students with different learning styles.  We know it’s a valuable skill and one we certainly try and pass on in the tutoring environment.

If you need help with one to one tutoring in subjects including English, Maths and History across Manchester and Cheshire including Altrincham, Bramhall and Sale then contact us today.


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