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All change for A Level

Hot on the heels of planned reforms at GCSE level (discussed on our blog last month) there are now rumours of changes at A Level. This is an often see pattern in educational reform, changes are made at school level and then followed by changes at sixth form/college/A Level. The suggested changes seem to be as a result of the continual rise of pass rates at GCSE and A Level over the last few years and the implication that the system has been dumbed down. Many educators now want to see a return to a more academically rigorous system where there are less modules and more end of year/course exams.

This summer Ofqual (regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England) will consult on moving away from the A Level modular system. Recently Ofqaul compared exam papers over the last ten years and found they were easier – there are now fewer essay questions and more multiple choice (often referred to a multiple guess) questions.

So what might exam reform at A Level look like?

  • It might involve a return to traditional end of course exams which means slow and steady progress will be needed throughout the whole of the course.
  • The type of questions in exam papers may be changed to involve more essays and critical thinking.
  • There may be the introduction of other qualifications alongside the A Level including Diplomas.
  • There may be more focus on children learning independent study skills – this is where a private tutor can really help embed those skills.

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