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Moving from primary to secondary school

In just a few weeks thousands of children will be leaving primary school for the last time as they move up to secondary school in September. This is a major change for most children as they have been in the same environment for the last 5 or 6 years.

So what can you do to help your child transition easily from primary to secondary school?

  • Recognise that this IS a big deal for your child. They have known nothing else for the last few years and suddenly everything is changing. Lots of schools will have end of year assemblies and celebrate your child’s time at primary school but you can also do this at home. Maybe make a memory book of things they enjoyed about primary school and leave a section for ‘things I’m looking forward to about secondary school’.
  • Be prepared to answer your child’s questions. If you can cast your mind back to when they started primary school they may have asked questions about when they could go the toilet, who they would go to if they got hurt. The questions might be different this time but they will be there – make the time to sit with your child before the summer holidays start and go through any concerns they have (they could be very simple – where does the bus pick me up to more complicated –  none of my friends are going to my school). If you do it before the holidays it gives you the opportunity to check information with your current school or the secondary school they are going to.
  • It’s time to buddy up. Do they have a friend who is going to the same school? It’s worth making arrangements for them to ‘look out’ for each other. But do bear in mind that many schools may allocate children to classes based on academic ability so long held friendships can suddenly disappear overnight. Some children cope well with this and others find it very traumatic. This is the time to be supportive and encourage new friendships. As a parent it will also be hard for you to get to know a whole new set of parents but if you make an effort it can help your child forge strong relationships early on.

This summer holiday should be a blissful stress free experience for your children as they look forward to a positive start in a new enviroment. If you have any concerns about your child coping academically in secondary school in the Manchester area (we cover Didsbury, Hale, Trafford and many other areas) then a 1-2-1 Home Tutor can help with private tuition in your home, do contact us for a chat.

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