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GCSE Results Day

You’ve worked very hard and probably had a very nervous last few days but the wait is finally over, it’s  GCSE Results Day.

We get lots of calls on results day and in the weeks after, often from students who haven’t got the grades they wanted or expected and don’t quite know what to do next.

We’ve come up with a few hints and tips for GCSE Results Day and coping with less than hoped for grades.

  1. Keep calm.  Unless you have failed every subject across the board then there is no need for panic. Focus on the results that are important – so those you wanted to further study at A Level and Maths and English. If your results might affect your place at a college or sixth form then it’s a good idea to find an advisor or teacher on results day and talk through your options. Many colleges won’t automatically discount you if you have achieved slightly less than expected at GCSE.
  2. Get practical. Have you struggled all year with a subject and not got the grade you expected? Are you still planning to study it at A Level? Sometimes a weak grade can be a bit of a wake up call to seriously explore your options.  That subject might not be right for you but you could fly in another area.
  3. Deal with the basics. Most colleges and universities will want you to have at least a C in GCSE Maths and English so if your grades have fallen below that level then you need to talk to someone about resits or appeals.

At 121 Home Tutors we often start working with A Level students as they begin college or sixth form, particularly if they have struggled with their GCSEs. If you’d like more information on private tutoring in Manchester and Cheshire (Heaton Mersey, Trafford, Wilmslow) then contact us today.  You can also call the exam results helpline on – 0808 100 8000

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