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What motivates us to learn?

At 121 Home Tutors we constantly exploring ways to engage students who have fallen out of love with learning, Our tutors are often faced with children (and adults) who have given up. Maybe they struggled with a topic for so long that learning became a chore. Maybe they struggled in the classroom because of a lack of confidence or dyslexia. Whatever the reason instead of learning being a wonderful way to discover new things and develop new skills it becomes a bore.

So why do some people love learning and enjoy it? And how can we ‘switch’ on those who have lost their way? We gathered some resources together for you to explore your own motivation.

What motivates us to learn

What motivates us to learn foreign languages

The truth about what motivates us 

The top three tips to come out of all these resources are:

–       Punishment and reward isn’t a good way to motivate learning and can often crush creativity and the desire to learn.

–       Students need an intrinsic reason to learn (something within themselves) rather than an outside motivator, that could be something as simple as being able to communicate with a  friend who lives in a foreign country.

–       All learners need to work towards being good at something (mastery) rather than setting themselves up to fail by thinking they are dumb (or smart, which can create just as many problems).

If you’d like to know more about how one to one tutoring can help with motivation then call 121 Home Tutors today. We cover Manchester and Cheshire.

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