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Tutoring for gifted children

A few weeks ago a report published by Ofsted stated that clever children are being failed by our schools. Ofsted inspectors are concerned we have a culture of low expectation, meaning brighter children aren’t recognised or pushed to achieve higher grades.

It’s a problem we see here at 121 Home Tutors. Class teachers often don’t have the resources or time to dedicate to a child who needs pushing. Bright kids can be problematic in the classroom if they become bored. If they aren’t stretched they can switch off and start to be disruptive in the classroom.

So if you have a bright child what can you do to help?

  • School is the first place to start. Talk to their teacher and see if there are ways they can be challenged within the classroom environment. There are various ways this can happen – from setting them harder work to working with an older pupil. A good school will recognise the challenges of each individual pupil and do what they can to accommodate them.
  • Another option is to work with a private tutor. You can work around the school curriculum or you can stretch your child by tutoring them in something entirely different – a new language maybe. It doesn’t have to be about racing ahead at school – the aim is to keep your child engaged in learning.
  • Find alternative ways to develop your child outside of education. Sign them up for activities and clubs – their social development is as important as their academic excellence.

If you’d like more information on tutoring for gifted children at primary or secondary level in Manchester and Cheshire call 121 Home Tutors today. 


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