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The summer holidays are here!

Most children have now finished school for the long summer holidays (or it’s your last week next week!). So how can you balance fun with a bit of education over the next six weeks?

  • The first thing we advise is that for a week or so you just forget learning. Give yourself and your children a complete break and refresh. Some children, especially those who have had significant exams, may need a much longer break. And that’s fine. Most children can cope well returning in September even if they haven’t studied over summer.
  • Remember if you do want to ‘keep your hand in’ with education that it isn’t school – make learning fun and be led by what your child wants. Take them to the library and choose whatever book they want (they are still reading) or find a fun museum to visit (MOSI in Manchester is fantastic).
  • If you want to be more structured about it then a summer club or tutor can offer educational opportunities that are still fun – there are science camps, maths clubs and physical activities (that’s still learning!).
  • If your child has fallen behind during the academic year then the summer holidays can be the perfect time to catch up and start with renewed energy and enthusiasm in September. Look for a tutor who can offer a structured way to get them back on track but keep it fun. Make sure you build in lots of rest and breaks so they don’t enter the new school year tired.
  • Don’t forget the simple things that encourage learning – board games, shopping (great for maths skills) and trips to the park for nature spotting.

If you’d like to know more about summer tutoring in Didsbury, Sale, Altrincham, Wilmslow and Northenden (Manchester and Cheshire) call us today. 

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