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Discover the Secrets of Science

Science. It’s one of those fascinating subjects which keeps on giving… New discoveries are happening every day, scientists are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – plus it helps us make sense of the world around us.

In fact, the news is full of Science. Droughts, extreme weather systems, chemical weapon attacks, space travel, new medical discoveries. As humankind, we’re drawn to wanting to know what’s happened in the past, why things happen, and what might happen in the future. Science explores the questions that matter.

Science asks all the interesting questions

Science lets us explore all those questions such as: how long would it take to travel to the moon? Why is snow white? Why doesn’t the sun move? Why do clouds float if they’re made of water? Why do cats always land on their feet?

It’s also full of fascinating facts such as: did you know that the average person walks round the earth five times in their lifetime?

Plus, what do you reckon the most dangerous animal (well, insect!)  in the world is? The common housefly. I know!! Would you believe it?!

Science can shape your future

As for that old chestnut that Science is just for geeks or boys, that’s just rubbish. Science plays a part in so many careers – whatever your gender.

  • Study Chemistry and you could be a Forensic Scientist, a Pharmacist, a Toxicologist
  • Study Biology, and you could be a Vet, Doctor, Researcher, Marine Biologist, Zoologist
  • If Physics is more your thing, you could have a career in aerospace, defence, computing, meteorology or engineering – to name but a few. You could end up on TV fronting the weather, or even space travel

Want to find out more about Science this summer?

  • Visit local museums such as Manchester’s own Museum of Science & Industry
  • Surf Science online. Visit How Stuff Works…
  • Enlist the support of a home tutor who’s mad about Science. If you’re doing GCSEs or A Levels, it could be a fantastic oppy to get to grips with Science before the new term kicks in.

Who knows, get into Science and you could invent the next bright idea that could change the world! 

Call us at 121 Home Tutors, covering Manchester and Cheshire. We’ve a bunch of inspiring Science teachers and tutors on the team who can literally open your eyes to a new world…


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