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Make your final year count

Education is all about new beginnings, new opportunities. Even if you received a disappointing report last year – where you perhaps didn’t meet expectations or target grades – you now have the chance to put that right.

Even though it’s the Summer hols, you can still get yourself lesson-ready so you can get ahead in the autumn term.

How to ensure you’re not overwhelmed in the months ahead

  • First, it helps to sort out all your learning equipment so you are organised before term time starts. Your last year at school – whether in year 11 or 13 – will rush past at breakneck F1 speed! Get your desk (if you have one) ship shape. Can you get new stationery, folders, A4 paper for revision sorted? Head for the ‘Back to School’ areas in supermarkets to find everything you need.
  • Second, make a list of problem areas you encountered last year. Be honest with yourself. Maybe an exam flagged up something you struggle like mad with? Maybe you don’t know those English texts as well as you thought and need to re-read them?
  • Remember that subjects are now largely exam based. Y0u potentially could be taking 22-30 exam papers next summer. Students this year found this incredibly daunting. So you’ll need to plan your time ahead better. Use it to weave in exam practice opportunities so that sitting exams feels more familiar. This will also help flag up what you find hard, so you can learn new techniques in good time.

Just how hard is the final year?

Students who we tutored across Manchester and Cheshire found their last year extremely taxing. In many cases, without intervention by our fabulous private tutor team, many students would have struggled by themselves.

Given the more challenging exam system now, it’s essential to keep an eye on mental and physical health. Awful stories in the press this past year including suicide attempts, anxiety issues and breakdowns show what young people are up against. Horrifying!

If you need some early intervention support with a nightmare subject to help you find it easier to manage, get in touch with us now. Our popular private tutors do get booked up early, so don’t leave it too late.


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