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Why is there a boom in Home Schooling?

We are witnessing a seismic shift in education where more parents than ever are electing to home school their children. But why? Well, the reasons are growing:

  • An inflexible school curriculum
  • Lack of special needs support
  • Increase in bullying, anxiety and social issues
  • Lack of support for mental health
  • Toxic system where exam results seem to matter more than vocational education
  • Teacher shortages creating stop-start learning and behaviour issues

More children than ever are learning at home – and will be thriving in this environment. But do the benefits outweigh the losses?

The classroom v the home learning environment

The fact is: some children don’t flourish at school – even at the best schools. Some simply don’t fit in, and can be better off within a more inclusive environment.

Some children need more of a nurturing space where they can develop curiosity and creativity at their own pace.

Some children learn better where the onus isn’t simply on academic success, or passing exams, but where they can innovate, experience hands-on learning, and nurture a whole bagful of life skills.

Home education isn’t for everyone, of course. There is a financial impact to consider; there are concerns about socialisation; and the onus is on parents to ensure that their children receive a suitable and full education. Lots to consider for sure…

The home schooling choice

Joining local home education groups can be the first step in finding out what your choices are in practice.

Also, arranging private tutors can certainly help to mitigate any worries you might have about providing a cracking education in key subjects.

In fact, in many cases, home educated children discover that learning can be exciting, challenging and fun!

Sometimes, too, a spell of homeschool learning can instil much needed self-confidence in a child – often encouraging them to go back into the school environment.

If this is something you have considered, or need help in finding suitable, experienced home educators across Manchester or Cheshire, you only need to get in touch with us here at 121 Home Tutors.


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