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Stress-free entrance exam tips

Is your child sitting Cheshire or Manchester grammar entry exams or 11+ papers? You’ll know it can be quite a challenge for children to fly through these with ease.

Most children, whatever their ability, need some support in how to answer questions, and tackle practice papers. Here are two top tutor tips to help your child ace their exams:

Slow and steady wins the race. Parents often make the mistake of buying exam papers and then getting their son or daughter to do them one after the other. This approach might work for some. But for others it can be frustrating if they keep getting things wrong and don’t know why.

Our advice? Let them sit and do a single paper, and then check their answers against the published ones.

Take your time to locate specific skills and techniques your child is struggling with. This way you will pinpoint exactly what to focus on.

Variety is the spice of life. Independent, private and grammar schools set a wide range of different papers sometimes using exam boards such as CEM or the ISEB, or they create exam papers internally.

The trick with these type of exams is not to narrow your child’s experience by focusing on one type of exam paper. For exams like these, children have to think on their feet and be flexible – using the knowledge they have to respond to each question.

Trying out different papers means they will be exposed to a host of different questions and styles.

School entry exams are demanding. But over time – with prep and practise – your child will have the best possible chance of passing and being offered a place. Hurray!

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